The Digg Numbers

Now, it seems that “magic numbers” are everywhere at the moment, whether you’re a fan of LOST or not..

It seems that there’s a situation over at Digg, where a user posted a secret encryption key for the new HD-DVD platform, the post was pulled from the system, and now the regular users of Digg are having a riot reposting it…

Now whether or not what was done is correct or not is not something I’m going to go into here – I have my feelings on Copy Protection and Piracy (they’re not really related – serious pirates won’t be stopped by it, but it will inconvenience regular folks who’ve bought their music/movies) – but Digg should now be realising that the thing which made it great – it’s userbase, it now the thing which could be it’s undoing.

For those who are interested in what those numbers are – a quick perusal of the Digg front page should give you some hints (at least, at the time of writing it will)

(Thanks to Jason Bradbury and Gizmodo)

Update: Digg are listening!


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