Is this formula one, or a cookery show…

Cooking with HeikkiToday I actually watched the whole programme of the F1 GP, rather than coming in late for just the race – and F1 Coverage from ITV has taken a turn for the worse – with a segment that can only be called “Cooking with Heikki Kovalainen”

I want to watch F1 – I don’t want to watch a driver preparing a meal for his girlfriend… (and no, I couldn’t find the recipe on the website…)


2 thoughts on “Is this formula one, or a cookery show…

  1. I couldn’t agree more – why on Earth do they think F1 fans give a toss about what Kovelainen can do with a bit of chicken and load of olive oil?

    I was just amazed that ITV managed to devote five minutes to someone other than Lewis Hamilton. Cooking with Lewis would probably end up being given its own daily series!

  2. come on what is wrong with a little “hunan interest” as they say. i like to know more about the drivers as people and it is good that they are not doing some stupid segment where they show off how “hot” his girlfriend is or how many cool toys he has.

    we all know he is rich and famous and is getting groupies thrown at him left and right but is nice to see deep down inside he likes to cook for his friends snd family.

    what do you think they should have done? i mean it…i really want to know what you have done if you had the chance to spend five minutes of “air time” with him.

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