There’s no need to shout…

I’m now on the hunt for a new hosting provider to host – the reason being, may be very very cheap, but their approach to customer service leaves a lot to be desired… not only is it very difficult to contact them even when the problem is at their end, but today, I got an email from them…

Subject: IMPORTANT: Your website MAY BE SUSPENDED!

It turns out that reading further, they’ve figured out that some sites on their servers are using their large filestore quotas to store files on. Files NOT RELATED to their website. Files, in fact, which may contain COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL.

So, rather than email the site owners in question, they’re EMAILING EVERYONE, with an email which uses SHOUTING to REMIND customers of the terms and conditions, and inform them that if they DON’T REMOVE THE FILES their account may be SUSPENDED.

I am not doing so, but they can’t be bothered to figure out which customers are in breach of the T&C’s before they send the threatening emails…

Can anyone recommend their webhost? – I need a 10Gb transfer allowance, 500Mb disk space and MySQL/PHP support so I can run WordPress on it, and ideally ImageMagick.


6 thoughts on “There’s no need to shout…

  1. I use who are dirt cheap but but not the best speed wise if you get problems.

    Does for me though.

  2. Don’t use Sniffhost. I made the mistake of moving from Dataflame to Sniffhost this May and they’ve been nothing but useless.

    You get what you pay for as you say and Sniffhost are cheap because:
    1) You get ZERO support.
    2) Servers are not 99% reliable.
    3) Control panel is not very nice and doesn’t have all the features you get on most other providers.

    Getting anyone to reply to support requests is nigh on impossible. It’s just one guy reselling Heart Internet. My website has been down for 7 days now this time and I can’t get anyone to reply to my emails to sales, support or through their notorious Support Ticket system.

    After just 3 months with Sniffhost I will now be moving again, probably to an American provider as there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the UK that is any good who doesn’t charge a fortune.

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