Another NTL/Virgin screwup…

Well, it’s about time they screwed up again (it’s been a while since the last few screw ups – see here, here, here) – today they were supposed to come and collect the box they were supposed to have switched off back when the whole “Sky thing” happened – of course, they didn’t, they just put a credit on my account equal to the cost of the TV service.

No doubt this is how they’ve been claiming very few customers have left over the Sky channels fiasco – customers who’ve asked for partial disconnections (I’m keeping the phone and net with them) haven’t been disconnected at all.

Anyway, today they were supposed to come and get the TV box (between 8am and 1pm) – of course, they didn’t turn up – no phone call, nothing.

At around 3:30pm, I spent about an hour all told on the phone trying to get through to someone who had a working computer on his/her desk and was able to answer the question “where is the engineer who is coming to get my box? – he should have been here hours ago”.

Needless to say, I failed dismally. Even if the poor guy in the call centre’s PC was working, he couldn’t get any details of engineer appoinments for the day, so I was left having wasted the entire day waiting around with no information as to when the engineer would actually bother showing up.

If ADSL was available here at a decent speed, I wouldn’t have to continue dealing with the utterly useless NTL/Virgin Media.