Reality TV

Answer me this – what is “real” about taking a bunch of fame-seeking wannabes who’d probably never cross paths in real life, and subjecting them to living together in a house designed to provide a complete lack of privacy, whilst subjecting them to “tasks” – many of which require disruption to sleep patterns or extended “role playing”.

Apparently there’s something very much like that starting tonight on UK television…


2 thoughts on “Reality TV

  1. It’s marmite TV, you either love it or hate it. I personaly love it for many reaosns but the main ones being that it keeps me entertained for the next few months and is a talking point with the family who also watch it.

    I do think that people can hate reality tv/big brother without giving it a fair chance to prove itself.

  2. Oh, I tried watching it a few years ago – but I just didn’t find it entertaining.

    Unfortunately I’m in the minority at work, so I’ve now got months of discussions of “did you see what xxxxx did?”

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