Cardiff, Parking and Extortion

I’ve commented before on the extortionate cost of parking in Cardiff – and the latest round of car park increases are insane – 80p for each 15 minutes – so thats over £3 an hour now.  I think I’ll be doing far more of my shopping at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol, even with the bridge tolls and petrol, 3 hours parking in Cardiff now costs more than going to Bristol’s out-of-town Mall, which has better shops, is undercover, isn’t a total building site.

Cardiff Council – do something about this.  You’re building a modern new shopping centre – but once you’ve finished you’ll have driven all the customers away.


9 thoughts on “Cardiff, Parking and Extortion

  1. The problem with the parking vouchers, is you have to have one before you park – and you can’t get one until you’ve parked. So until you’ve already been into town at great expense, spent time searching for somewhere that sells the vouchers (I’ve no idea where those places are, and there isn’t a list that I’ve found on the council website) and bought some, you can’t park in the voucher spaces.
    Of course, the Mall at Bristol has other advantages too…
    * It’s indoor and air conditioned
    * It’s not full of “Chuggers” (Charity Muggers)
    * It’s not full of people trying to sell cheap rubbish off carts
    * It’s not full of “street artisits” pretending to be robots, or statues
    * It’s not a “no go” area when there’s a major sporting event on (unlike Cardiff)
    Between the Chuggers, Flag/Whistle/Sunglasses/Watch/etc sales carts, Street Entertainment, fairground rides, and people trying to get you to sign up to breakdown cover/mobile phone services/help with market research I’m surprised there’s any room for any actual shoppers in the streets of Cardiff

  2. if you want to get a voucher book you can get them in the cardiff bus kiosk in M&S. And i’ll even lend you one to use the first time too!

    agree about the advantages listed (although how you can have a go at white statue man I do not know).

    That said you haven’t attempted to list the advantages of cardiff.

    * its nearer
    * no bridge fee
    * you get a lot more independents not just chains
    * the old arcades are nice and usually fairly unbusy
    * it’s Welsh 😉

  3. Thanks for the link – I don’t know how I didn’t find that – but I think I searched for “cardiff parking voucher retailer” or something.

    There’s a few places on that list outside the city centre – which is good. I agree that Cardiff has some advantages over Bristol – including the proximity and the variety (although a lot have closed recently in Cardiff, including several “big chains” – Dixons/ or whatever it’s called leaving for example). The point I made in my original post is that the bridge-toll disadvantage being well and truely cancelled out by the parking charges.

    I Can’t say I’ve spent much time wandering through the old arcades seeking out the smaller retailers, but again thats more to do with trying to spend as little time as possible parked…

  4. And now, just when I start using the voucher parking, they’re changing it to Pay & Display – with the additional “benefits” of being even more expensive, and no longer being free on Sundays.

    Bristol, Here I Come!

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