Some companies just don’t get it

As normal, I opt not to recieve random adverts from companies – in this case, I was somewhat surprised to recieve a spam email from non other than Microsoft, pointing out that I was opted out and offering me the chance to reverse my decision.

As part of a routine data inspection we have noticed you have elected to stop receiving communications from Microsoft.

As Microsoft launches exciting new solutions and initiatives, there’s no better time to register for information that will give your business a critical technological advantage. We invite you to consider receiving communications from us again.

Opting out of recieving emails means that I don’t want to recieve adverts – not even adverts for the opt-in of the service I’ve already opted out of. Needless to say, the email has been tagged as spam.


8 thoughts on “Some companies just don’t get it

  1. This has happened to me but with Snail-Mail. I signed up with MOPS and another restriction service and get very little physical junk mail in the paper form. However last week I got 3 identical A4 glossy letters from Barclays and Barclaycard (I hold a Mastercard and Barclaycard – neither of which have been used for 5 years!) expressing concern that they would not be able to write to me regarding new offers. So yes, strange indeed that I tell explicitly that I don’t want circulations, I sign up with MOPS and they still want to write to me!


    Ironically I haven’t had any Spam on my e-mail account (AOL) for quite a few years. May have a reputation for being an ISP for dummies but I can’t fault their e-mail scanning.

  2. Chris, The MOPS rules don’t apply if you’re a customer – companies you do business with are allowed to contact you.

    The ones that really bug me are the “hand delivered by the royal mail” adverts for insurance etc. These are companies that are using this service to get around the MOPS legislation.

  3. Of course, that only stops the stuff the RM deliver in the first place – but that should stop all the insurance, loan and credit card letters…

    I don’t object to the flyers from small local businesses (like the local Pizza place menus etc. – who don’t use RM anyway) – I object to the big corporates using this mechanism to bypass the MPS opt-out.

    Have requested the forms too… Thanks again Chris.

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