UK a car-dependent nation – duh!

The BBC are reporting that the UK remains a “car-dependant nation“.

Well, of course we are – public transport is simply not a viable or economical option – for example:

To get from my house to my parents house by public transport involves 2 trains and 2 buses – and would take 1hr 30mins for the trains, plus at least 50 mins on buses – and that doesn’t include the waiting times, at a cost of £19.50 for the train, at least £5 (total) for the buses… and that’s per person, if you travel out and back on different days, it goes up because you can’t use a return fare on the bus!

To drive it takes 40 mins (each way) and costs about 15 quid (return – including petrol and tolls) no matter how many people are going. So compare 5 hours of travelling with around an hour and half, plus the cost (which multiplies per person on the bus/train), for a day trip, it’s not worth going at all on the train – at least by car you get a decent amount of time at your destination.

Until public transport is comparable in cost and convenience, and journey times, no-one is going to use it. Of course, the government doesn’t really want to push all those tax-revenue-generating motorists onto cheap, efficient public transport – where’s the money in that?

Suffice to say, that where public transport is viable, I’ll use it – For example, I’ll happily use coaches to get the London airports, as they are often cheaper than parking, however the same is not to be said for Cardiff or Bristol airports, when the convenience of the car outweighs the time and effort involved with the bus.