Some companies just don’t get it – Part Two

Well, last night a bloke from Scottish Power gave me a call – explained that they had been given my number by Dreams Furniture Retail, as they “thought I might be interested in changing my electricity supplier” – I explained to him that I’m registered with the TPS, so they are breaking the law by cold calling me. He explained that as my number had been passed to them (despite that action being a breach of trust, let alone the UK data protection legislation, and the Direct Marketing Association‘s rules (see Section G of the Guidelines – “Matching
against the TPS or FPS file is required by legislation
“), I had not authorised the company in question to sell my details on), it wasn’t a cold call.

I hung up.

I’ll put up with calls from companies I actually do business with (e.g. Sky’s incessant bugging me to take an extended warantee on my Satellite box, no matter how many times I say “no”) but any company who cold-calls will be blacklisted as a company I will never knowingly do business with by choice. Dunraven Windows have been on that list for many years…

Let me make this clear. I do not want to recieve unsolicited sales calls. Ever. From anyone, via any medium, unless I have explicitly requested to be kept up to date on your products, services and offers. If I want to recieve your marketing, I’ll ask.

I always make sure I carefully read the “by ticking this box you agree that you do not authorise us to pass your details on to carefully selected 3rd parties whose products and services we feel you might be interested in” and ensure I correctly tick it (or not) to prevent my details being passed on.

If you, as a company do not respect my wishes, and I discover you passed my details onto a 3rd party for any reason, you are as bad as the telemarketing scum you sold my details to – to put it simply, don’t expect my business in future if you break my trust.

The following companies have recently been added to that blacklist:

Barclaycard, Dreams (the furniture retailer), Clydesdale Financial Services (who do the payment handling for Dreams), Scottish Power (who bought my number from Clydesdale and dreams)

Also recently added to the blacklist for “door to door” sales-calling:

British Gas, Swalec, nPower