Yes, you “The Listening Company” on 0800 3896818

You’re a marketing company phoning me on behalf another company which has illegally sold you my details. I will not answer your calls.

I’m not the only one you’re annoying. Please refilter your dialing list via the TPS service providers, as you are required to do by law, and never call me again.

I shouldn’t need to dial 0800 0324617 to remove myself from your list – it should not have been there in the first place.

What I’d like someone to develop is a phone which can have rules based on the incoming number, then I could auto-reject (or even better – forward these nuisance callers to their own switchboard number (020 8484 1000))

Update: I’ve found a nice list of marketing company numbers (now broken) I will not answer the phone if I do not recognise the number anyway (and caller ID makes that really easy) and I will now check against this list if I recieve a call…