I hate some jobs…

There are some jobs around the house that I dislike doing for various reasons – but this weekend saw me attempting what so far has to be my least favourite.


Yes, those plastic things that catch the rain off the roof…

Why is this such a problem? That would be my fear of ladders. Specifically my fear of climbing them… or rather, falling from them…

Why I have no problem with a 200ft rollercoaster or drop-tower ride, but will have real problems on a 20ft ladder, I don’t know… must be something to do with knowing the rides are generally safe, and ladders generally aren’t… especially ladders with little labels on that say “Max Weight 110kg” (but as my name isn’t Max…)

Or maybe I’m just mad.


3 thoughts on “I hate some jobs…

  1. Count me out of ladders and drop towers too. In fact, I don’t even like standing on tables to hang up chrimbo decorations!

  2. Oooo I hate doing gutters as well, my vertigo plays up then a gust of wind and you find yourself clinging on for dear life… This is only on the first run of the ladder believeing that my ears are popping.

    Goos luck with the gutters and do not let them get you down!

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