A tale of several washing machines…

As my somewhat aging washing machine was showing signs of reaching the end of it’s life (dumping grease from the drum bearings onto the floor and failing to spin properly being the more obvious signs of problems) I decided to replace it.I ordered a shiny new washing machine from Tesco Direct – which was then delivered very late on Saturday evening (due to the breakdown of the delivery lorry – however the driver did call me to warn me and apologise). On unpacking, the machine was a total wreck – the frame was distorted, the top panel was not only loose, it simply wasn’t attached to the body of the machine, and the front of the detergent drawer simply fell off when the polythene was removed (the drawer itself was so tightly wedged into the crushed shell of the machne that it was impossible to remove. Clearly this machine had been dropped from a considerable height, and probably then re-packed as the outer packaging showed no signs of having been dropped severly to impart the damage.

I immediately called the driver back in to remove the half-unpacked machine. Fortunately he did so (so at least I won’t have to wait in for it to be collected again), and I have a very “interesting” copy of a delivery note describing the “extensive damage” observed.

I then tried to call Tesco’s customer helpline – for “urgent queries about my order” – and waited on-hold for an hour, until about 10 minutes after their posted closing time, when despite “moving forward in the queue” regularly, I never reached the “customer services manager” I was apparently holding for.

When I rang them back on Sunday morning, I tried a different route through their complicated and confusing voice-prompts and after a couple of minutes waiting, got through to a sales assistant who processed the refund (given that they had no stock, and I need a washing machine, I’m now buying elsewhere).  Admittedly Tesco Customer Service were fine about the matter (once I’d figured a route through their laberinth of confusing menu options to actually allow me to speak to a person – one the options even led to me being told that the Electrical Helpdesk of the Customer Services options were not available at the time I called, and that I should call back during their opening hours)

Now to wait another week until that machine is delivered.