Brake – Road Safety Week

This week, it’s BRAKE’s annual Road Safety week – this year focussing on the safety of children, both on foot and on bikes.

Now, a lot of this is about education, not only for the children, but for their parents so that the kids are properly equipped when they are outside.  My suggestions for this that parents must ensure before their kids are allowed out on bikes…

  • Make sure you know where they’re going, and why
  • Make sure they’re wearing suitable, light coloured, reflective clothing.
  • If they are likely to be out on their bikes once the sun goes down, make sure they’ve got lights, and explain to them that the lights are there to help other road users see them, as well as to help them see where they’re going.
  • Make sure they have  read the highway code, so that they know which side of the road they should be on, and how to signal their intentions to other traffic.

Now, to people driving larger vehicles – simply be aware of kids, be aware that most children have no road-sense whatsoever and are likely to be riding on the wrong side of the road, at night, wearing black, with no lights.  They will also make sudden changes in direction without looking or signalling.

See the Pledge for Drivers for other suggestions for ways to improve your driving skills