We don’t need no education…

Now, it’s not often I start a rant by being supportive of religion – however this time it’s a classic example of what’s wrong in our education system…

“We want the children to think about the true meaning of Christmas, which is about helping others less fortunate.” 

Now, noble as that idea is – that Christmas is about helping others, more surprising is that erroneous quote comes from non other than the headmistress of a primary school in Wales, who are making the bold (and positive) move of discouraging the exchange of Christmas cards in favour of donation to Charity.  That idea is excellent – however the problem is that statement I quoted above is so very wrong.

“The true meaning of Christmas”

No matter what you’re religious beliefs, the “true meaning” of Christmas (lit. “Christs Mass”) is to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the central figure of one of the world religions. (for those unaware “Mass” is a type of Church service in some denominations of the Christian Faith – see wikipedia for a fuller discussion).

It’s just shocking that a head teacher in a school in a (nominally) Christian country doesn’t know that.