Funderland Teaser!

Funderland (the funfair I visit every winter in Dublin) have posted a teaser on their website

” A Giant New Looping Rollercoaster with a height of almost 30 meters…, ”

Now, there’s not many contenders for that – transportable coasters that big are rare in themselves, loopers even more so… so even assuming it’s “New” as in something never seen at Funderland before, rather than new “straight from the factory” there’s still only a handful of possibilities…

“Eurostar” (too big)

“Olympia Looping” (about the right size, but the rest of fair is probably too small to support a ride that big)

however, there’s a design on Gerstlauers website for a new portable Eurofighter of around the right size too… dunno if it’s actually been built yet though.

Update: It’s not the Eurofighter either.


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