Year in Review

After 9  months or so of looking at Christmas merchandise in the shops, I think it’s now time to say “Happy Christmas” (replace Christmas with your choice of winter holiday if it’s not applicable to you).

So, the year in review…

This was the year I finally made the switch from Cable (eventually) to Sky for TV, and the benefits that brought – including “red button” services that worked, rather then producing a cryptic error code.

It was a fairly light year for travelling, with the only overseas trip being Dublin Fair back in January.

I did finally say “good riddance” to my awful Pegueot car though – and replaced it with a Ford Focus, so far, after 11 months of owning it, it’s not been to the dealership once for anything other than a regular service.  The Pegueot would probably have been in 10 times in the same time.  I almost feel sorry for whoever ended up with it…

I then decided to forgoe the car for work communiting on suitably dry days over the summer.  The welsh weather then decided not to help, as it promptly rained for about 4 months…  but I did take the opportunity to post an entry at 07:07:07 on 07/07/07

Over the year, I’ve started using Facebook, and ended up writing a couple of posts on the subject of privacy on the site – and how to control how much information is visible to complete strangers – like potential future employers…

I’m going to finish with a couple of shout-outs to a few folks, who between them have enhanced my enjoyment of F1 motor racing no end – so “Hi” to DoctorVee, Ollie over at BlogF1 and the folks at SidePodCast.  Oh and it wouldn’t have been half as much fun without chatting over the races on Twitter!

The posts then dried up through November as work took it’s toll on my available time – so roll on 2008, Dublin Fair, a Looping Star, and who knows what else!