RIP HD-DVD. Finally the war is over.

As the song says “War, What is it good for, Nothing

Of course, I’m talking about the High Def. Disc format war in this case – today Toshiba issued a press release which basically says “We’re not making the players any more” – and as they were the major player behind the HD-DVD format, that’s pretty much the end of the battle.  The format has been on it’s way out for a while now, as studios have been pursuaded to change sides towards Sony’s Blu-Ray format – which had the major advantage of being supplied “built in” to the Playstation 3 games console – effectively pushing blu-ray players into homes who wouldn’t necessarily pay for a standalone machine.

Now the war is over, people who’ve been holding off buying a HD player to wait and see which format wins – and who don’t want to be lumbered with the Betamax of the new millennium – can now safely buy a Blu-Ray player or PS3.  Until of course the whole “profiles” problem rears it’s head, with a next-generation of blu-ray disc possibly being incompatible with current players – unless the players are updated.  Of course, this is entirely dependent on the manufacturer.

In my opinion, a sensible choice of player at the moment is actually the aformentioned Playstation 3 – as it’s blu-ray decoder is software based, it should be upgradable via a download (which given that the PS3 has both wired and wireless network capability should not be a problem) – plus it’s only a little more money than a standalone blu-ray player, with the bonus of also being a high quality games machine.