Driver leaves HGV stuck

Another story about another truck getting stuck somewhere it shouldn’t have been that tries to blame the SatNav rather than the driver.

The SatNav may have advised the driver to go up a lane clearly signposted as “unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles” – but it was the driver that decided to ignore the roadsign and go with the satnav – which was no doubt designed for use in a car, rather than being a unit set up for a large vehicle. The driver is ultimately responsible for observing road signs and conditions, he clearly should not have driven up a road which was signposted as being unsuitable.

I think this is just another example of how bad the general driving standards in the UK are. The satnav is there to help you, if it suggests something that is clearly stupid, (i..e taking a narrow country lane in a 40ft artic, or going up a recently redesignated one-way street) IGNORE IT. The driver is responsible for following the roadsigns and the laws – not the SatNav.