Finally – Lightwater Valley

Lightwater Valley Now, Lightwater Valley is a park I’ve been wanting to visit, well, since they opened The Ultimate in 1991- at the time the worlds longest rollercoaster (and still, I beleive, #2)

It only took me 17 years to get there…

Anyway, the park is a small country park, very green, lots of trees, and a number of attractions ranging from the fairly small to the second longest coaster in the world.

But back to that coaster – it’s certainly an interesting piece of machinery – two of the slowest lifthills on the planet seperate two very different segments of ride – the first half is very fast and generally straight – the second half features a series of hairpin bends, some of which are banked, some of which aren’t – but the banking is at no point correct!  This is a very forceful ride, and apart from the two lifts follows the terrain of the land – even the videos available on YouTube give no idea of how crazy this ride is.

It’s not a bad ride per-se, but it is very rough in places!

It’s a very difficult ride to photograph, as despite being huge, none of the main ride area is accessable, and only the lifthill can really be seen – Although there are some nice photos in the gallery of the neighbouring Bird of Prey centre.

Thanks to Tom B for putting me up and driving all weekend.

View videos of Lightwater Valley at YouTube

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