Finally – Lightwater Valley

Lightwater Valley Now, Lightwater Valley is a park I’ve been wanting to visit, well, since they opened The Ultimate in 1991- at the time the worlds longest rollercoaster (and still, I beleive, #2)

It only took me 17 years to get there…

Anyway, the park is a small country park, very green, lots of trees, and a number of attractions ranging from the fairly small to the second longest coaster in the world.

But back to that coaster – it’s certainly an interesting piece of machinery – two of the slowest lifthills on the planet seperate two very different segments of ride – the first half is very fast and generally straight – the second half features a series of hairpin bends, some of which are banked, some of which aren’t – but the banking is at no point correct!  This is a very forceful ride, and apart from the two lifts follows the terrain of the land – even the videos available on YouTube give no idea of how crazy this ride is.

It’s not a bad ride per-se, but it is very rough in places!

It’s a very difficult ride to photograph, as despite being huge, none of the main ride area is accessable, and only the lifthill can really be seen – Although there are some nice photos in the gallery of the neighbouring Bird of Prey centre.

Thanks to Tom B for putting me up and driving all weekend.

View videos of Lightwater Valley at YouTube

See more about the Ultimate at RCDB.COM


2 thoughts on “Finally – Lightwater Valley

  1. The Ultimate is a ride I absolutely adore. It’s so very very wrong, and so very very different from anything else I’ve ever ridden. The valley section is just fantastic, it feels like they built it expecting it to take the corners at half the speed it actually does. There’s something to be said for hotch-potch not-remotely-precision engineering, and this ride has it in spades.

    What a shame you have to go to such a dreadful park to ride it!

    I always thought the slow lifts were to make sure it remains the world’s longest coaster time-wise, even if it’s lost the record distance-wise.

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