New Bike

Following a fairly problematic ride home from work yesterday – which started off OK, but about half a mile from home there was a little “ping” noise, followed within a few seconds by the rear wheel starting to vibrate and wobble alarmingly.

I stopped (well, it was that or have a potentially nasty crash)

Broken It appears that the wheel had a failure of at least one spoke, resulting in the rim quickly distorting.  The wheel is no longer round, or straight (altough that’s not clear in the photo, the obviously broken spoke is visible)

Due to the expense of getting this fixed (I don’t have the tools or knowledge to rebuild a wheel myself), I’ve decided instead to bring forward my plans to replace the bike – rather than spend a lot of money on this one, I’ve decided to spend even more money on a shiny new Dawes Discovery 401 from those nice folks at Tredz (who although mainly an internet retailer, have a “brick and mortar” store here in Cardiff)

I’m hoping to be able to salvage a number of the accessories from my old bike – lights, computer, carrier rack and so on, rather than spending even more money replacing these – and will likely end up spending my weekend getting the bike ready to run.