New Bike pt 2

As I posted earlier in the week – I’ve had to buy a new bike.

Unfortunately, my original choice of bike was not available, and as I need the bike after the weekend for commuting to work on (well, until they delayed the parking changes again) I had to get an alternative sorted out.

Thanks to my local bike shop (Don Skene Cycles) having stock of the Specialized Globe range, they were able to prepare the bike while I waited, and I was able to take it home with me.  Now that’s service!

So here it is.

I know it’s not the Dawes I mentioned before – but I’m pleased with it – and having taken it out for a short ride this evening, I’m amazed how much easier a ride it is than my previous machine.  In some ways I’m glad my old bike decided to break, so I had the excuse to go out and buy a much more modern machine.