Ooooh – it’s so shiny it must be Chrome.

There’s a new browser joining the war – and while a little lacking (so far) in plugins for things like (although, admittedly it has only be out for about 10 minutes as I write this) – Google Chrome is already impressing.

It’s fast.  Really Really fast.  Even with my (half) decent broadband connection, GMail is usually a bit of a slug in Firefox 3 – but in Chrome, it’s like using a desktop mail client.  Seriously.  For an early beta, it’s impressive – I’ve not seen any rendering errors on the sites I’ve visitied so far.

Even now, the rendering engine seems more polished than that of Firefox or IE, this is one beta I’ll be watching closely – and it’s close to becoming my primary browser.  The real test will be tomorrow on my much lower spec’d work PC…  it’s hardly unreasonable for it to be quick on a quad-core machine with 3Gb of RAM – it’s the old 1Ghz Pentium 4 that’ll be the real test!