I’m going to die.

Given that every trip I make to or from work on my bike involves at least 2 near-misses with idiots in cars – I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

To the idiot in the Honda Civic yesterday – Don’t park close to a junction (rule 243), and when you do pull away, look in your mirrors in case there’s a vulnerable cyclist about to pass you (rule 152), and then use your indicators (rule 103). No doubt you were taught to Mirror-Signal-Manouever when you learnt to drive – why don’t you do it?

To the idiot in the Taxi, those road markings mean GIVE WAY. This means you stop. You don’t drive out right in front of the cyclist who is already half-way across the junction.

To the idiot in the Ford Ka – I was going uphill – you pulled onto my side of the road to pass a parked vehicle – why did you not give way to me and force me to take evasive action. Is another persons life really worth saving 10 seconds on the school run? Can you imagine when your child explains to her teacher “Sorry I was late, Mummy killed a cyclist

I already make the assumption that everyone else on the road is out to kill me, and I ride as defensively as possible – but sometimes it’s just not possible to avoid these morons.