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New Year, New Resolutions


Well, it’s New Year resolution time again… so here’s mine for 2009…

Lose Weight – yes, that old chestnut again – I made some progress on this in 2008 – being some 20lbs lighter now than I was this time last year, but that’s nowhere near good enough. I need to lose a lot more this year, which is going to take a lot of willpower, a lot of support from my friends, and generally a push to “be good” and make healthy eating choices, and get more exercise.

Swimming on workday lunchtimes has fallen by the wayside, but I’m still walking to and from work (about 3.5 miles total per day) and when the weather improves and it’s not icy, I’ll be back on the bike. I need to do more though.

The biggest decision is whether I try a “structured” diet again – something like WeightWatchers, or do I just carry on doing my “trying to eat less and exercise more” approach, which was somewhat sucessful (but not sucessful enough)


6 thoughts on “New Year, New Resolutions

  1. Congratulations on losing 20lbs. You may think that’s not good enough, but every little bit will help. The fact is you have proven to yourself that you can lose weight, and that is a really positive step forward. Keep it up.

    1. This is the weight graph from 2008 – hopefully I’ll see more of the same, only with less “stagnation”

      As can be seen, I got stuck between 260 and 265 for much of the second half of the year…

      1. It is the stock graph from Google Finance!. I store my weight progress on the a Google Documents spreadsheet and one of the ways to graph it is to use that graphing gadget.

  2. your chart shows 3 large drops in weight followed by a long level period. tis shows you start off with a calorie controled diet, loose weight, your body recognises your lower intake and gets more efficient with your intake, hence you stop loosing weight. the best way is to cut back a small amount so your body does not twig your on a starvation diet. eat 4 times a day, small meals of 350 calories per meal, watch out for hidden calories in drinks, milk sugar etc. doe some exercise when you feel hungry to distract you. you should loose 2lbs per week max or you will level out again.
    the other way to loose weight is to suffer a tragedy, get a cat and live near a motorway should do it.
    both work for me.

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