Pushing the V-day blues into Oblivion

Dan, Tom B, Me, CJ and Jodi

Dan, Tom B, Me, CJ and Jodi

In this case, Oblivion is of course the rollercoaster at Alton Towers.

Yesterday I spent my Valentines day at Alton Towers with some good friends – as this was a winter opening weekend, only about the half the park was open (notable rides closed being Nemesis, Rita, Ripsaw and most of the water rides (some of which were clearly frozen) the whole Pirate area, due to construction work on Sharkbait Reef and the Cred Street area closed for it’s transformation into Cloud Cuckoo Land)

However the best end to the day was spending an hour or so in the waterpark relaxing – something I don’t have time to do when the park is open for it’s full hours, and it’s a worthwhile treat!

It was interesting to note that one of rides in the waterpark has on-ride photography – you’re given a barcoded wristband as you enter the waterpark and can use that to “claim” a photo. I didn’t. The last thing I want is a photo of me on some waterslide… that would not be a pretty sight… (and no, before anyone asks, no I don’t have a photo (we didn’t have time to queue up and ride the MasterBlaster slide, and even if I did, there’s no way I’d be posting it on here!)

Simply a fun day, with some great friends.  Tom, Dan, CJ and Jodi, thanks for inviting me to join you, thanks to my work colleagues willing to swap an on-call day with me, at short notice, on Valentines day,and for whoever made my hat for giving Tom B a reason to tap me on the head from time to time…

I had a really relaxing, enjoyable day, which I know that I needed! Looking forward to the next one.