European Election, Local Issues

VotingHere in the UK, we’re having elections for our representation at the European Parliament this week.

So far, all the leaflets that have been dropped through my letterbox have almost exclusively been reminding us about things of “local” interest. Yes, the LibDem councellors have done this, the labour councellors have done that etc…

What I want to know is simply this – “Why should I vote for you to represent me in Europe?

I’ll admit I don’t keep up to date on the issues being debated in the European Parliament, so you, the potential MEP, needs to TELL ME not just what the issues are, but what your position on them is. Without that, I cannot make an informed decision.

Much as I’d hate to place my European vote based on my opinion of politians here in the UK (i.e. there all a bunch of corrupt self-serving beurocrats who’ve nobody’s interests at heart except their own bank balance) – without a positive message from the candidates, I’ll be left with no choice.

The only parties who’ve made an effort to use European issues as a “selling point” are UKIP and the BNP. To the rest of you, you need to get your act together. Fast.

(note, here in Wales, we’re not having local council elections at this time…  just the European ones… at least, as far as I know…)