Last weekend, a couple of friends of mine from my days at university returned to South Wales for a screening of their Star Wars fanfilm “The Emperors New Clones” (TENCLO) along with a good number of the cast and crew of the film from Backyard Productions.

The film itself is a comedy/parody set in the Star Wars universe, and the jokes come thick and fast, so even the non-StarWars fan should find plenty to enjoy, whether it’s the disjointed family life of the Skywalkers at home, or the very impressive special effects in use during the huge space battles, or the slapstick comedy falls and stunts.

I heartily recommend the film, and had a great afternoon and evening, not just catching up with some friends, but also sharing in the very entertaining movie they’ve produced.

I heartily recommend heading over to their website and downloading a copy (yes, it is on YouTube, but the DVD image is far better quality)

(note, this is the third attempt at posting this – WordPress ate half of the first one…)


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