An experiment in Social Un-Networking

As an experiment, I’ve decided to take a week off from both Twitter and Facebook. This is simply to see how much I and my friends rely on web 2.0 to keep in touch with each other, as opposed to “more traditional” means like the phone, and even email or SMS, or even seeing each other face-to-face. I doubt it’ll in any way improve my social life – which is partly why I’ve chosen one of my on-call weeks for this experiment, otherwise I’d be getting paranoid about not knowing about events until after they’ve happened (which admittedly, already happens far too much anyway)

I’m guessing we all now use Web 2.0 far more than actual real contact with people, and I’m wondering if my life is suffering for it. If people send DM’s on twitter, or inbox messages through facebook, I will reply (as they are delivered to my email box) – if I have an alternate way to contact you. Let’s see if I can survive a week, or if the draw of finding out through scattershot broadcasting what my friends are up to is too great a temptation.

So, as of 3:45pm on Saturday 21st Nov. I am signing off both Facebook and Twitter, hopefully until 3:45pm on Saturday 28th November. I doubt I can do it if I’m honest, as it’s the only way most of my friends stay in touch these days.

The big question is can I resist the temptation, or am I really addicted to knowing what my friends and acquaintances are doing…