Darkened Rooms – Dawn of the Dead

Yesterday I was one of the lucky ones to have gotten tickets to “Dawn of the Dead in a Shopping Mall” (organised by DarkenedRooms, 2D Cinema and Chapter) as part of their series of classic films being shown in unusual places (but more often than not, relevant places)

For those who’ve not seen Dawn of the Dead (as I hadn’t until last night) the plot revolves around a group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse, who barricade themselves inside an abandoned shopping mall.  So the obvious venue for this screening was of course the Quadrant Centre in Swansea.

It was a somewhat surreal experience, sitting in a cold, dark shopping centre, the storefronts shuttered and dark watching this classic zombie horror film, when only a few hours earlier, the centre had been busy with shoppers browsing the merchandise!

Adding to it all at the end a number of folks appears from the shadows, playing the part of the zombies, quiet effectively encouraging us out in the cold, dark night and home to our warm beds.

Loved it, and will be keeping an eye out for future productions!