The Gamification of Dieting

How do you make losing weight fun – the answer, “gamification”, not content with setting challenges and hitting them – turning it into a game – with online targets and achievements is, I think the way to go.

Clearly this doesn’t help with dealing with the temptation, the challenges and the cravings which all go along with losing weight, and moving to a healthier diet.  I still crave chocolate, and I still fall to that temptation from time to time (although now that Cadbury’s Mini Eggs have  gone for another year, it’s easier than it was…)

Right now, I’m tracking calories with an app on my phone (myfitnesspal) and weighing in on a set of digital scales, which upload my weights to allowing me to generate (and publish) graphs like this one:

Trendweight Graph

I track my calories with an app, I weigh-in with an app, I update twitter with an app – all based on “getting further in the game” – we all know that really dieting is hard work, so let’s have some achievements there!

At the time of writing, I’m making efforts to get to the gym 2 or 3 times a week – including one “instructor led” spin class on a Tuesday night, for that tough, but low impact group workout experience…  beyond that, it’s a matter of healthy diet, portion control and cutting down on sweets and desserts – not an easy thing when you’ve a sweet tooth and a stressful job.

I have however reduced my caffeine intake, switched to decaf tea and cutting right back on the caffeinated soft drinks (but that’s a challenge, there are very which are both sugar and caffeine free – yes, there’s water, but anything else will likely have one or other in!)

Yes, I use food as a stress relief method – and that is a habit I need to change.

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