Pebble Glance

Following my earlier post on the arrival of Pebble, I’ve been using the watch for a month or so, and am, so far, very impressed.

Smart watches are definitely a cool new way to interact with the flow of data that surrounds us each and every day.

The latest firmware release has allowed for two-way watch face apps – making things like “Pebble Glance” possible – an app that can now reply to texts with pre-written responses, retrieve live weather from the internet, display appointments from your calendar, and integrate with the Tasker app, to give further information feeds.

These kind of feature apps are the key to Pebble, and making it as useful as it can be – reducing my need to get my phone out of my pocket / bag and allowing me to decide whether to do so

Pebble is also great in crowded, noisy places, where I often won’t hear or feel my phone ring or a text arrive, the watch on my wrist makes for a much more attention grabbing vibration when it goes off.  Just as important is the attention-getting when I’m in a quiet places where discrete alerting is necessary (e.g. work meetings)

I’m very pleased with the watch, and it has changed the way I use my phone!