Upping the energy levels

Free weights

Free weights (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After 3 months of losing 10 lbs by just walking more, I’ve decided that as the winter nights draw in, it’s time to up my game.

Fortunately this has coincided with a new gym opening near home – I did my first (fairly gently, admittedly) workout there this evening.

I’m also adding more technology and software into the mix for tracking my weight loss and fitness, having added RunKeeper already, today I re-discovered my Fitocracy account – so I’ve now got accounts you can follow and friend me on the following sites:

Fitocracy, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, Trendweight, and of course, Fitbit!

I’m not just posting these links for the fun – I really do want folks to find me, friend me and join in with encouraging each other.

I have an aim, which is to lose a further 2 stone before my next birthday, and lose another 3 by this time next year – a total of 6 stone lost (if you include the one I’ve almost already lost over this summer) – I’m not deluding myself that it’s going to be hard work, and emotionally challenging as I battle my food demons too, and I know many people will remember that I’ve said all this stuff before…  and failed before.  All I can do is start again, and keep at it.