small snippets of code that they write in one sitting, sometimes repeatedly, often daily, in order to build muscle memory and practise their craft.


I’ve found one of the best ways to get something into my head, especially when it’s something I’ve been struggling with is simple repitition.  To this end, I’ve created a series of Kata exercises to help reinforce my studies – and I’m publishing them on the site to help anyone else who might be looking for examples of code katas for some of the subjects in MS 70-483

Each of these Katas is presented as a standalone article, with my solution:

Microsoft 70-483 – Summer 2016

Kata 1 – Delegates and Events

Kata 2 – Exceptions

Kata 3 – Access Modifiers

Kata 4 – Indexed Properties

Kata 5 – Operator Overloading

Kata 6 – IComparable

Kata 7 – Type Conversion

Kata 8 – IDisposable

Kata 9 – Parameter Arrays